Sunday, February 12, 2012

Two Blooms Designs Studio

I have always been fascinated by soap and candle making. A few weeks ago I did a coverage on Vedge Candle, well just so happens Vedge Candle invited a friend to join Promo123 Love, and that friend, or should I say friends (sisters of ) Two Blooms Designs Studio, they just so happen to make soap and other variety of items. So we're lucky to get the inside scoop on another one of my favorites. 

This talented duo are located in British Columbia, Canada. Which personally I believe is a fabulous place to visit, if you haven't attach that to your bucket list. IF you do and are near some markets you might just happen to run into these ladies. You never know. 

While learning about these sister’s I noticed these ladies have been in the business sense 2002. Congratulations for a full decade of doing what you love to do. That is a huge accomplishment to be recognized for. I spent a great deal looking at the social sites of Two Blooms Design Studios, well organized and worth the time to browse threw. Below is a list of sites you may find these ladies. 

Lets take a closer look at their outstanding products. 

You May click on any photo for a closer look at these delicious products. 

Closer look behind the scenes of Two Blooms Design Studio 

  • What are your favorite ingredients to work with?

We love working with fragrances, specifically essential oils. It’s fun to come up with new original one of a kind blends. We also enjoy working with colors and making soy wax candles.

  • How long have you been making soap? And how did this venture in life start? 

This is our 10th year of making bath/beauty, knitwear and soy candles. We got started after receiving a gift certificate for a bar of soap that cost $10.00 and we thought to ourselves, ‘hey, we can make this better and less expensive’ and we did!

  • After taking a look at your shop I see you are sisters, what are your age differences and what is it like to work with each other? 

There is enough of an age gap that we both feel like only children yet we really enjoy working together. Each of us has our strengths and weaknesses so it makes for a great partnership.

  • We know you sell on Etsy but where was your product before? 

We’ve been selling our products at local farmers markets and craft shows. We also have a website, blog, twitter and are involved in several social media sites.

( Listed above)
  • Along with soap you make other products, care to share with us what is your favorite? 

Soap is our favorite medium to work with as the possibilites are endless. You can’t always predict how your soap will turn out but it allows you to be so creative. Our knit-ware line is really starting to take off and again, with color and texture the possibilities are endless.

Example of other items besides soap and candles. 

  • What is it that you would like us to know about your products, that we don’t and would like to share? 

We eat, sleep and breathe our products and the creative process never stops. We go above and beyond regarding the quality of our products and source out the best possible ingredients we can find. We shop locally whenever possible and support other local artisans in our area. We listen to our customers and come up with products to suit their needs. A majority of our customers are vegan and we contact our suppliers to make sure the ingredients we use are vegan. We stay on top of trends and adapt our products accordingly. We have integrity and deliver a product that is superior.

I want to take a minute to thank Two Blooms Designs Studio for letting us take a closer look into their beautiful shop!!  A personal thank you for joining Promo123 Love. Helping it grow and being such a supportive teammate! I really enjoyed learning more about your history of your products. AND a BIG Congrats on that 10 year anniversary!

~ Lornajane ~ 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Game Plays 8th and the 10th of Feb. 2012

This weeks Game Plays went out to shops DoorCountyBlues Wed the 8th & Kaileebows Friday the 11th.
Congrats to the both of you!! Thank you for all you do! 

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Friday's game play & weekend Promotion 2/3-5 /2012

This week's inspiration inspired some really steamy and great Treasuries WAY to go Promo123 Love Team views and favors were at its highest!!! 

This Friday's shop was FieldOfBows 
Item Red Satin, Black lace and Rihnestone and Pearl, flower Rockabilly or Goth

Click for a closer look for this Delicious Bow 

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

ROYSheadphones 2/1/2012

This Wednesday's 2 day Promo Shout out goes to ROYSheadphones. A shop you can find wonderful OOAK hand made fashion accessories. 

Featured Inspiration Item for 2/1/2012

Click on photo To see up close. 

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