Thursday, September 13, 2012

Power Interview with 1treeyoga

In the world of Etsy, I find it so fascinating that a website such as Etsy can bring so many people together. As Promo123Love has grown and have grown together during the busy summer of 2012 it has been so exciting to get to know such kind heart'd people in this community.

My focus of Promo123love this whole time has been to have the team grow small & with each other.  I love what we have become in the 8 months time. This summer was a networking fiesta!!!! Thank you all for hard work in promoting one another.

This blog is the 1st of the Power shop interviews. For the 1st power interview the timing could not be more perfect. For our leader Pam from shop recreated1 has chosen Teresa from 1treeyoga to be our spotlight shop for 9-11 <-> 9-17.

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Need a little zen in your life? Stop on by and relax with Teresa from 1treeyoga , where you can find bags to fit your yoga mats in, jewelry, and more.

What's your favorite part about the Etsy community? 
1.Definitely teams are my favorite part of the etsy community. The people in my teams have helped me a great deal. Their support through promoting, answering business questions and just being a friend is priceless. 

What would people most be surprised to learn about you? 
2. I think people would be surprised to learn that I come from a Catholic family of eight children. My parents practiced yoga when I was young. We had the Bible and Gita on the same shelf. And so here I am loving all ways of life. Co-exist : )

If there was one craft in this world that you would love to learn what is it and why? 
3. This is hard!!! I love so many crafts. The first thing that came to mind was wood working. I think it is so cool how people can make the wood into something else like a persons face or an animal. Also I love trees. Maybe it's the nature part of the wood. 

If you could travel anywhere where would it be and whom would you bring? 
4. I would love to travel to a beach any beach. Beaches are so relaxing. I could sit on a beach all day just listening to the ocean and feeling the suns rays. Funny of all the places in the world I still pick the beach. I go each summer to SC Myrtle beach and live five minutes from a small beach. (North beach MD) I would bring my wonderful husband and maybe my two children could tag along.

When did you start creating handmade items for sale? 
5. I first started making crafts for sale over 20 years ago. I worked in a craft shop. We would make wreaths, wedding items and other flower arrangements.

Thank you Teresa for being apart of Promo123love it's been wonderful getting to know you over the past 8 months. 

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  1. What a lovely interview from a really lovely person!

    Congratz on the feature, Teresa. Your work and philosophy are both extremely inspiring!

    So happy I'm a part of such a close-knit, lovely team of people. <3