Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Happenings

We're comping up on 4 months old. I am so proud of everyone, There has been so much good feed back about the positive atmosphere of the group. About how much traffic everyone is seeing around them. I am hoping that this can remain this way as were are getting Larger.

We just Hit our 100 member shop. Congrats! over all things have been going great. Lots of new items have been listed. Threads are being used. I see alot of people promoting. I am hoping your store views have increased and keep increasing. AND SALES!! Our objective !! 

Wanted to touch base on some of the new highlights of Promo123love. ~

  • Threads~ We have several new threads located in the Discussions. Some are getting buried and it may be hard to find them. If wanting to find a thread you think may be located among the pages. Click on Discussions and than go up to the top and type in key words. Example : "Social Sites" you will find this thread
  • http://www.etsy.com/teams/11461/promo123-love/discuss/9596500/

  • Promotional threads have been growing with a few new and fun creative ideas. Such as themed weeks. Where you will see Tina posting threw out the month. Past 2 themes have been, Your Favorite Childhood Memory , and Your Favorite Song. Here are a few of the Made Treasuries our team created

allbuttonedupbytina's Treasury for Favorite Childhood Memory
DiscoveryBay 's Treasury for favorite Song week.

Meet and Greet ( Long over due)
I had started Meet and Greets to help bring the new members to get to know their teammates. A chance to favor and circle some new shops. Feel free to take a peek at the past few weeks new members are.

Recent Meet and Greet March 24th 2012

Welcoming new Shops including:

  • One thing I wanted to address about Pinterest for all those pinners out there. A few of us have been keeping up on the Pinterest gossip and hot blogs, where they are discussing the terms to have been to confusing to people that have Pinterest accounts. It seems that Pinterest is going to be changing their terms and condition's which you may have seen when you log into your Pinterest. If you have been worried about pinning I think its worth looking over.  . 
  • Pinterest board has over  230 followers200 pins.  http://pinterest.com/lorna146/promo123-love/

Thank you everyone for everything this has been a great learning experience for me and many. Keep up the good work and happy sales to all. 

Much luv, 

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