Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring and Summer time!

Spring and Summer time is a great time to be stocked up in your shops!! Spring and Summer normally bring in more sales do to the weather being nicer and this feeds in to our economies.

Some tips on store presentation for spring and summer. Photos there is always improvement for photos if your item is a little on the dark side. Try to avoid distractions including props with lots of writing, large props than your item. Show details of your item. Close ups of details is important.

Describe your item in best detail as you can.

Research your shipping fees. Paypal is 1.64 for 3 ozs you can ship up to 13 ozs and still be first class mail 2 -5 days shipping. That 1.64 includes a conformation code. Beware of shipping costs. I have had to fix several times but think I am on the perfect track now. Thanks to Pam our leader I have learned alot from.

Pricing research your pricing, by researching similar items near you or online. Find your price point. Stick to it.

Offer coupon codes to returning customers. Have a summer sale. There alot of ways to get your items out there. Please feel free to use the threads! I wish all of you lots of spring success!

Much Luv,


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