Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer of 2012

Online Get together's

Although School was a big time consumer. My summer's are focused on Social Media and Networking. For most that have been with the team from the beginning knows why I created this team.

For those that have just joined us I would love to give a brief over view. Located on this blog you can see where we started. We have grown in my eyes hugely. My goal for this team was to create a small close networking team.

To give a little back ground of myself, I am a full time double degree in Business. I own a Deli Located on the Peninsula of Washington. Where we successfully opened on a 1000 loan from a friend. We are fully up and running of the last 2 years and growing and learning day by day.

I have been in the Jewelry and Accessories business for over 5 years now. I have never done whole sale although it is in the future of prospect deals. I have sold in 3 states and in 5 different shops. Art fairs, and Markets. OF course family and friends have been a HUGE support.

I first hand seen Social Media work and as we have grown I have not been able to keep up with School. But it is Summer and I would like to pick up the pace and grow what we have stronger. But I can't do it alone.

So I going to be on alot during summer .... here is my plans... so I hope you all will follow along and grow with me.

As some of you know some main seller points include photos and Descriptions. I have been working so hard on changing those very things. Example I was using photo box during winter I am taking full advantage of the natural sun this summer.

Before & after examples of my descriptions and new photos. Big improvement I am still continuing on working on these. And will continue to do so as I grow.

Social Media plays a huge part. I have 5 bookings for weddings by using Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Please make sure you stop on in the threads in our discussions and link up with our fellow teammates.

Pinterest is becoming a huge hit so I highly suggest working on growing there if you were wanting to grow your followers.

Here are a few boards may be worth looking into. With Facebook now charging for extreme Promotion Pinning has taking a leap over the past month.  <~~ MY BOARD <~~ a COMMUNITY i BELONG TOO

Our Board :

We may look into having our own page will look into this. ** future plans **


I will be doing blogs again. As well as my own .. How to with Lornajane you can find that here :

This is my main focus though is this team. With little team effort we can grow this summer stronger. I am so looking forward to it.

I will be reviewing applications and updating the team a bit you may see numbers decrease and increase threw out the summer. We have little rules but need team efforts to make a team happen.

Cant wait to see you all this summer here and there. Let's have some fun and help each other out.

Last BUT not LEAST Very IMPORTANT!! here is a Directory Thread please use as a road map to our threads as new ones open I will maintain. EXCEPT our weekly challenges. The social media links and monthly threads will be updated.

Much Luv,


  1. Sounds great and I'd like to be a part of it as much as I can be. I'm in full market mode so my time may be limited but I do want to get into pinterest as I keep hearing how great it is and would love to have our page added to your pinterest board. Our pinterest is

    I'll take a look at the directory but is there a place that describes how to pin to the promo board?


  2. Thanks Lorna. YOu sound very busy! As for Pinterest - it is sooo addictive, isn't it?! I love it. It can be very relaxing too.

  3. Hello Michelle and Lori.. I sent you invites on Pinterest log out of Pinterest and back in you should see a invite to the board. Happy pinning please pin any thing from your shops :)

    Lori I am normally busy from sunrise to set :/ but I do make time for myself :)

  4. You are appreciated, Lorna! I wish you luck with your busy summer :)

  5. Hope we have a great summer! Let me know what you need me to help with!