Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hump Day Game Play

                                Field of Bows Tribute Treasury

A fun Etsy game a-lot of teams use as maximizing shop exposure. We will have 2 a week with 2 different stores. If this game is'nt for you that's just fine. You can show your support in numerous ways. Comment click and view and share the lover for items. I am selecting 2 shops each week randomly with in whom plays. Each week we will maximize our shops and expose your items. This means Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media to full throttle. Like I said this is'nt for everyone there is no demands of doing so. But with loving encouragement this will be a great thing for everyone. Try to use Promo123 Love's shops with a mixture of your other team members shops. Spreading the love around to all.

Treasuries will be posted here and in thread for the team. UPCOMING interview with VEDGECANDLE is next. OOH excited have you seen that shop... ooo laaa laaa.

1 comment:

  1. How cool, this is a great idea for shop exposure and anyone featured gets noticed too.

    So happy for vedgecandle. Her products are beautiful.