Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Promo123 Love

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Promo123 Love 

Was founded on 1 -8-2012. Most that do know me, know my life is all about coming together as a whole. Supporting near and far charities and families. I have strong faith in Social Media and networking. It’s more than Networking its trust and faith in friendships you build along the way. About the middle of last year I took an oath that once in my life I have stood by. Creating and capturing moments in my life to spread to yours. To purchase and support online small family and independently owned business's. I started my networking process back when MySpace was super popular before Facebook was a thought bubble. I was fixed on opening a brick and mortar store of nothing but handmade and locally made products. Art, music, clothing, and more. I even looked at commercial properties and found some good deals. But the choice was start a store with no knowledge or go to school and educate myself on the very right steps to doing so. I welcome you to my journey of the past year and to the future of many more years and many more friends to meet. 

Although with my busy school life and business owner of a small deli in town. I am devoted to networking and my virtual community. I am in classes all day and wed and fri's Business Law class ends late. So you will see me mostly during the evening  and weekends. I am here to help you and find answers to your questions. 

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Examples of what a blog would look like featuring your store: Interview, a recent Treasury, and photo listings of your store. 

This year I have purchased my needs from online auctions, friends, small family owned business's and Etsy. Etsy has a huge fan base and is loaded with amazing finds. From vintage to new, supplies, handmade, organic, and unusual finds. OOAK (one of a kind ) finds. 

I would like to introduce some of the lovely shops on Etsy. Please leave me a comment below if you would like to have featured links from this blog. Including  interviews, photos and hyper links to your goods.By commenting your leaving me a virtual signature to do so. I would love to share my friends with your goods. Spreading the love. From here to everywhere. 

I would love to fully release this blog featuring your stores and interviews and treasuries and much more. 

So leaving a comment to do so I will custom set your questions. and be in contact.