Monday, January 30, 2012

Vedge Candle

Introducing Shop Vedge Candle

Well we are full blown winter mode here in the Northwest. The Snow came strong and all three of my surrounding towns were shut down for a week, the week before last. I found I had a lot of idol time on my hands. So I spent a great deal of it investing some quality time online getting to know some of my team mates from Promo123 Love.

One thing I love about Etsy,  a site of variety of shops selling items handmade, vintage, revamped, and even new. Is the family vibe that radiate's from these shops and owners. I ran into Vedge Candle in the early stages of building Promo123 Love. I was organically attracted to their shop seeing it was from the pacific northwest. But it was their crisp and clean photos, that reeled me in for a closer look.

You may click on any of the above photos to view a closer look at these candles. 

I felt an ease while virtual window shopping Vedge Candles. I knew I wanted to know more about their process of candle making. They are the perfect minimalist decor. Not using Dye in their candles is just the tip of the ice berg in these eco - friendly stunners.

Stunning close up of a Weck Jar lid. 

I would like to introduce a little more about Vedge Candle A winter's warm welcome, my one on one with their shop. 

 I see your product line has a strong connection with weck jars, what is it about weck jars you fell in love with? 

Weck Jars' beautifully simple style and quality glass caught my eye and I knew instantly they were perfect for my candles. I saw so many creative ideas online using them, from wedding favors, to vases, to home-made baby food storage. Endless possibilities! Also, more and more people are removing plastic from their kitchens, so using BPA free glass makes so much sense. I knew these were the jars I was looking for because they fit in perfectly with the whole concept of this product line. Simple, functional, reusable. Eco-smart!

 Before Etsy where was Vedge Candles before? 

Before Etsy, I lived in the Midwest and sold my candles wholesale. When my family and I moved to Washington about 9 years ago, I put my business on hold to help my four children settle in to their new home and schools. It was a big change! We soon came to love it here. The natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest inspired me to research more environmentally safe options for candle making, such as using only pure soy, as well as choosing not to add chemical dye. 

 Tell us about when you decided to join Etsy? What has it done for you by opening up an Etsy shop? 

I decided to list my products on Etsy after finding things I wanted to buy myself. Google searches helped me land on shop pages with beautiful hand-made items. I was impressed that it was a marketplace where handmade products, as well as vintage finds and supplies, were celebrated and appreciated. I love the community feeling of Etsy, and all the tools are there to help sellers become successful, and buyers find what they are looking for.

What was the influence that made you decide candle making is what you wanted to do?

My husband and I had four young children at that time, so candles were something I treated myself to every once and a while. I loved the instant feeling of peace and relaxation, and I looked forward to turning off the lights and lighting up the candles. When a little one was up during the night, or when I just needed a break at the end of a long day, candles were my simple pleasure! I was looking for Christmas gift ideas one year, so I bought a book on candlemaking and taught myself. It took a few months of trial and error, but I discovered that I enjoyed making them as much as I enjoyed burning them!

 What is your favorite part about making your candles? 

Adding the fragrance. It's the best because it fills my home for hours long after I'm finished making a batch.

Last but not least what is one thing you would like to state about your product, that you would like to share to the rest of us.

We recycle! 
Buyers receive one complimentary jar candle for every six returned.
Shipping is on us. Glass Jars that once filled your home with fragrance and candlelight can make their way around the globe to someone else's! 

You can find Vedge Candle's Social sites as the following

Thank you Vedge Candle for sharing your details with rest of us. Wishing you much success and happiness, on your candle making endeavours 


  1. Thank you for interviewing me and featuring my shop. I appreciate your kind words and I love the support of this team and Etsy!

  2. It was my honor, Glad you enjoyed as much as I enjoyed getting to know you. Many thanks for being apart of the team and providing us a closer look in to what you do.